I Think I Have Too Many Clothes . . .

   So, anyone who knows me right now will be thinking 'You've only just realised this?' or maybe 'Oooh I've never seen you wear that before!'... Well that's because this selection is probably only 5% of my wardrobe! Now before you think I am some crazy over-spender who is careless with money, that is not me at all! I am actually quite careful with spending in other aspects of my life, and even with clothes, I am a VERY thrifty shopper (think student discount, on top of sales, on top of discount codes!). Anyway this realisation came about when I began to have a little sort out at the end of term and clean my uni room, and while doing so, I thought why not give you guys a little peak into my closet? So here it is! I haven't shared any of my newest finds with you though, as you will have to wait till a later post to see my summer buys... ;)

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