30 Days Later . . . I do apologise

   So, you may have noticed an absence in my blogging recently ( a month to be precise) and for that I am sorry, as it was one of my new years resolutions to blog more! However the last month has been extremely hectic with my fashion design course, and it is only just coming to an end for summer. I have SOOOOO much to share with you guys, from my design work, attending different fashion events and fun fancy dress nights out. All of which I shall post v soon. But for now, here's a brief recap of my month. Enjoy :)
A social break... even on skype I can't be normal!! Why the bunny ears you ask? Who know!?!
 My sketchbook from this term (more to come on that project soon).
 A fashion PR event in London, following the shows at London Fashion Week.
 Where I am living at the moment, Falmouth.
 A surprise in the post for me :)
 The picturesque beaches around Cornwall.
After all the work was done, we decided an all nighter was in order, to wait and see the sun rise. It was SO worth it!
  It's not all work, in the words of  Ne-yo, I both work hard and play hard. The jungle party sore me painted head to toe blue as a tropical bird.
A few memories...
And finally, can you guess what all this was to make? I'll give you a clue, there is a huge hint in this post already! But more to come soon, so stay tuned!!!

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