Firstly I must state, this is the most excited I have got about blogging for ages.

And this would be because I have just witnessed the AW12 collection of McQ. This season I have three short phrases for you. Enhanced hourglass hips. Light and fluffy florals. Delicate, intricate autumn leaves. And by the end of this show, I must admit I was left with a surreal urge of excitement and energy for the season to come (even though that would be wishing away the many summer months that we have not had yet!). So here are a few shots I got of the live thing, not the best of quality, but I think it adds a nice authenticity before I post up the official photos from the collection along with a video.

The first dress that really caught my eye, when I saw a flash of deep crimson appear from the back of the stage. The colour really reflecting the cosy warmth that you can only feel on an autumns day (inside that is). A colour which is matches cleverly with the change in colour of the leaves that season. However not so much the leaves that fall onto the McQ stage - which in this case are a pure white.

The 50's hourglass silhouette forever lives on. Perhaps it is because the flow of its curves neatly reflect the delicate elegance of a women. Or perhaps its purely down to the way the waist is pulled into a dainty chinch, while the volume in the skirt only enhances the smallest part of the female silhouette. And this enhancement is naturally exaggerated at McQ, by really accentuating the hips, with huge yet light and airy skirts.
One of my favourite pieces from the collection was this floral dress, with black sheer neckline and sleeves, decorated in next season's leafy prints. The dress is cut to my favourite hourglass silhouette, with an extreme bounce and movement within the light layered volume of the skirt-of which it's hem only mimics the floral decor, using a delicate rouching to reflect blossoms. I love the way the leafy top half is juxtaposed with the florals of the dress, representing perfectly the change in seasons.
It was a real shame I did not get a better shot of this dress, however you can see the gorgeous silhouette formed by it's full skirt. But the detail that you can not see within the picture is the sheer section of the dress on top, which is decorated with a beautifully delicate leafy print.

And finally, out of the newly darkened lights came a rather romantic white dress, with its full skirt layered in white blossom falling from the waist. I will not ruin the theatrical end to the show for you, but I will just leave it with the statement "You MUST watch!!!", and with the parting photo (bellow) that us Live streamers saw. To see the full video, go to!/BrandMcQueen?sk=app_172114649566538 where it will be posted soon.

And finally - just so you can see part of how excited the show left me - a few of the 18 tweets that I tweeted within about 5minutes after watching the show - it left me with so much to say. To see more you can follow me on twitter @imafreeebitch or go to!/imafreeebitch

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