A Bugs Life

   So, I have been busy a lot lately. Ok partly because it's summer, a time for me to catch up with friends and take a holiday. But I have also been cramming in my summer projects for uni. And even when I am visiting the boyf, I get my work out and start doodling (as you see bellow). And look, he even has a lamp like the little pixar one!!!
   So my current project is on insects and bugs. Why? Because despite their creepy, crawly first appearance, their intricate detail is really something to be marveled at. So I will be looking at their silhouettes and shapes, followed by textures and prints, all to help develop some great designs. So here are a few pages from my sketchbook. I have also been using Pinterest to gather online photos, where you can check it out here http://pinterest.com/sallylouisep/bugsinsects/
And here's a sneak peak at some of my initial designs.
I will probably be posting up more from this project pretty soon, so stay tuned to see the development :)
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