A Weekend in London - The Photo Diary

   A little early birthday surprise I planned for one unexpecting boyfriend - a weekend trip around London! I prepped and planned every square inch, including illustrating my own map of London to make it a whole lot more personal and exciting. And even though I live under an hour from London (and go there regularly) it was fun to just wonder around taking snaps and doing all the touristy thing! So this is what we got up to...
1st stop - Platform 9 3/4. It could be said we like HP ;)
 Next we went to London Zoo...
 And in the middle of all this we did have some time for a few selfies snaps...
Next we did what all good tourists have to do... we went on the London Eye.
And we topped off with lunch at Planet Hollywood, shopping on Oxford Street and a last minute stroll along by The Thames.
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