Spring Cleaned & Newly Photographed

   So, I've been working hard these last few days, as even when I have no design work to do, I get bored just simply relaxing! So I've decided to sort out my life! A little bit of cleaning and sorting. And when I was finished, I decided to photograph and share, as this is where that magic happens, my work studio at home. So enjoy having a nose around!

Above - My notice board; Bellow - My vintage suitcase FULL of all my fabrics and my own designed/printed fabrics.
 Above - My desk, sewing machine, photo of Alexander Skarsgard pinned to my wall; Bellow - My name written in Arabic, from when I had a henna of it done on my trip to Morocco. A little memory.
 My magazine collection and networking books and tickets.
 Above - Fashionable souvenirs from trip to Cuba; Bellow - My muse, I don't care what people say about her, her fearless personal style is so inspiring!
Above - Note the jewelled cat-ears, also note that I brought and wore them first. Now go and watch Taylor Swift's new video 22. (Trendsetting) Just saying. Bellow - My girly, girl side expressed, my fairytale-candy shoes (which have unicorns on the bottoms!! Never worn because of this!!) And Hello Kitty, won on a trip to Brighton.
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