Model Turned Musician

Hannah Cohen.
   If you were to look at her twitter page, you would definitely notice her love of animals, the countryside and all things vintage. This laid-back, natural essence is definitely captured within her new music career. Now I know I am a fashion blogger, however sometimes the two cultures meet. In this instance, the happy combination of fashion and music sit hand in hand, as Hannah turns her back on her modelling career to focus on music. After being scouted at the age of 17, she has worked with the likes of Terry Richardson and Ryan McGinsley, and still continues to use her creative connections within her music career, using Matthu Placek to produce one of her most recent music video 'The Crying Game'. This collaboration has worked extremely well, marrying together her beautiful voice with equally enchanting imagery that could proudly challenge fashion films from the likes of Nick Knight's Show Studio if needed to. Personally, I think this west coast beauty could be set to rival the likes of Lana Del Rey, so she is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you need a bit of relaxation in your life.
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