Numero Uno: Design 2

   So, for the past week I have been working on my second design for my final major project. This is the first garment I have made for this project's collections, but it seemed to work out perfectly with minor hicups. Unfortunately this dress is not tailored for me (but for my friend Faith to model), so in the photo bellow (not the most flattering photo may I add - I am V tired!), the dress is a tad tight around the bum and a bit big around the waist, however it fits Faith perfectly! This dress truly has been a labour of love; I will soon be putting up more photos from the making process, but for now, here's the finished garment - all that's needed is for me to hand sew on the beading. The print is also all hand printed using both screen and puff printing from an A4 drawing I did at the beginning of the project. The printing itself took FOREVER and is also all over the lining!!! So, your opinions?
   Oh, I am ALSO adding a detachable peplum around the waist - a feature that will be prominent this AW12 - you heard it here first ;)
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