Too Many Editorials - Too Little Time!!!

As the title may suggest, I have been overinspired recently by a wealth of editorials. So here is my pick of the best, as well as the most current within fashion this season, and a little bit about them.

Mona Johannesson by Peter Gehrke for Elle Sweden
A flawless, picturesque, country bumpkin. This is what is
portrayed in the editorial entitled “The Beloved Country” in March’s issue of
Elle Sweden. The simple backgrounds and flattering lighting within the studio
sets the mood perfectly for the feminine shots and allows the styling (by Lisa
Lindqqwister) to be the focal point of the photographs. To me they show more
than an innocent young country girl, the make up and powerful hair, as well as
the sheek styling also reflects an air of grace and American glamour with a 50’s

Editorial by Justine Sczczepanczyk for Factice Magazine
Shot by a photographer with a ridiculously complicated
surname (of which I will not make you read in your head again!) this editorial
was entitled “L’Invalide Royal” which focused on the concept of a glamorized
handicap. Now a lot can be taken from this, as it is a metaphor very prominent at
this moment in time. It could be questioning the use of the perfect image
within fashion and beauty and how it has ‘Handicapped’ our vision of beauty. Or
perhaps instead how the industries have been taking a more serious effect on
the venerable – twisting their minds perceptions and causing eating disorders, paranoia’s
and plastic surgery addicts. This part also reminds me of the “Identity Clone” blog
post I did on another editorial (here
which talked about how we have become a nation striving to look perfect and on
the way losing our own identities. Beautiful photography in that editorial too,
shot by Tom Ford. A final meaning that this current editorial could be
reflecting, is how beauty and fashion can be superficial, how its only on the
outside and does not account for who we truly are, and how this in turn can cripple
people’s perceptions of us, and even our own! Or it could be a more literal
meaning – that the model purely could not walk in those skyscraper heels and
has bunions from trying! Personally though, I prefer the metaphors!!

Natalia Vodianova by Mario Testino for Vogue US March 2012
Now Testino is one of my favourite fashion photographers of
the moment. Although this editorial I had to think twice about. I think it is
because personally, I am a tad weary of tribal, dark/rich, eastern cultural
prints. I’m not too sure why, but I guess we all have are pet hates and loves –
not that it’s a pet hate at all! It is however a completely different story
with bright, flamboyant prints; most likely because I feel they reflect my
playful side extremely well. Back to the editorial. I do believe that if any
other photographer had attempted a piece like this, I may not have taken a
liking to it, however Testino has worked extremely well to marry the styling
and location together, giving the viewer a feast for the eyes. The clashing
prints have been styled carefully, so not to overcomplicate but just enough to
cause impact. This has been shot in Los Angeles, wearing a patterned mix up of
Proenza Schouler, Marni, Etro, Carolina Herrera, Balenciaga, Dior, Alberta
Ferretti, Donna Karan and Valentino.

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