John Galliano SACKED from Dior!?!?!?!?!

Yes thats right. The John Galliano had been sacked from the fashion house dior!!! This was over alligations that he claimed to "love Hitler", during a private lunch. This of which he strongly denies. Personally I LOVE Galliano, his designs are so insirational and rebellious. Dior is losing a true tallent. Also I can not see Galliano saying such a thing, and does the person making the alligations know in which context it was used. . . as I am sure we have all said some terrible things, if someone was to cut out an expression from a scentence, the papers do that ALL the time! So was it REALLY necessary to fire him? I really do think Dior is losing out big time, although this can give Galliano freedom to design, rather than designing for a more 'refined' design house. Whatever he choses to do next, I will be following closely, and GOOD LUCK GALLIANO!!!

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