London Fashion Week AW13 - Day 1 Summary

   Firstly I would like to state my true dedication to fashion here. I spent 11 hours travelling on trains & buses to get to London Fashion Week this season. Travelling all through the night with only 2 hours sleeps. And it was during Valentines evening; travelling alone! But guess what, it is was totally worth it! Even if for the whole first day, I was strutting around London with a bag stuffed full of enough clothes, accessories and beauty products for staying up in London for one and a half weeks! Safe to say that I am currently typing with a dead arm now (that bag was heavy)! Anyway, I'll be attending each day of fashion week this year, so that means I will be reporting a daily summery for all you lovely readers. I will later report on each show with more details and photographs, so stay tuned! I'll also be uploading more style & invite pictures to this post soon!
   So, after arriving in London at 7am and satisfying my caffeine cravings, (and doing a bit of star-spotting, spotting the rather dapper Proudlock from Made In Chelsea) the first show I was attending - which would coincidently be the OPENING SHOW for London Fashion Week AW13 - was Zoe Jordan.
11:30 - The Rohmir AW13 show at Freemasson's Hall.
12:30 - Saw an OVERLAP of invites!!!! Oh no! Luckily one was running late so at 12:30 was both Jena.Theo AW13 at Somerset House and Lug Von Siga AW13.
1:30 - Timur Kim AW13 Show.
2:30 - Belle Sauvage AW13 Show.
4:30 - Krystof Strozyna AW13 Show at Freemason's Hall.
6:00 - Runway Collective Show AW13 featuring Nian Janucha.
7:00 - Nova Chiu AW13 Show.
More photos to follow of street style, invites, trends & guests, and a summery of tomorrow's LFW will also be posted tomorrow. So stay tuned!

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