Vintage Burberry Takes On AW12's Fiery Shades

   So today I felt like I was in need of a bit of (vintage) retail therapy, at one of my favourite little vintage stores that is tucked away in my quaint little hometown. Now I see myself as being very privileged, as the area of which I live houses many a wealthy person, so this little vintage shop is always topped up nicely with their past designer pieces, but with cheaper prices (due to being within a small town). So when I visited today I was expecting a nice little find, however I was not expecting to find this 100% silk VINTAGE BURBERRY top hanging lonely and unloved on the sale rail!!! But no fear, I snapped it up very quickly and it now has a loving home in my wardrobe. Another bonus to this blouse is that it also fits in nicely with AW12's upcoming trend of fiery colours - see more on this trend here . So win win situation!
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