MY OWN CREATION - The Structured Dress

Part of one of my A-Level textiles projects. My project began the starting point 'Shopping Trolley'. This i developed upon, looking at other metal structures in both architecture and fashion. This then inspired me to make the hooped wooden skirt underneath the dress. I also went from shopping trolleys - to shopaholic - to compulsion - to gambling in Vegas. This then found me gathering inspiration from the playing cards (which I later used the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades & Clubs shapes to sew on/cut out over 300 applique shapes & wholes on my dress). The rich colours of the purple and red band on the waist were inspired by the wealth in Vegas. If you want to see more photos of this dress, and more on the making then keep your eyes peeled to my other blog (secrets of a dressmaker) where I will soon be posting, plus you will soon be able to find more of my creations/designs. Let me know your views on the above!!

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