A/W Trends Report - Part Two - Accessories

You've heard about the clothes, now heres the must have accessories to help add the finishing touches to your A/W outfits.

This trend works for all accessories, and also for coats this season too, however personally I would always prefer to wear faux fur! And in my opinion it looks and feels so much better!!! especially with your conscience and your purse.

Once again this works with most accessories, and preferably I would pick fake to real skins! And if that doesn't sell it, then think of how much cheaper it is too!!! With this trend, just remember, you are not looking to buy normal leathers, you want something exciting, unusual and exotic!

Think heavy embelishments, this trend is common for this time of year, as it is the 'party season' just around the corner, however this year embelishments have gone up to a whole new level, think elegant, bold and expensive. It may not have to cost a whole wage packet, but make sure it looks glamorous and NOT TACKY!!!!

This trend is all about the absolute classics, which as we are just coming out of a reccession, and we are generally more strapped for cash, the designers have realised this, and realised that we want stapels that are classy and will stay stylish year in year out. These key accessories are simple and versitile, yet are still sophisticated and are made to a very high quality. Its definately quality not quantity here.

Finally the shoe must have, BOOTIES!!!! Not quite shoes, not quite boots, these ankle boots are fun (especially for the dowdy weather ahead) and yet still very practically for the rainy weather. I have my bright pink pair already!
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